1. Another way of saying "shit"
2. Used to describe something that is undeniably scrumptious.
1. Oh shiznuts! I forgot to do my homework!
2. Ohhhhhh these Entenmann's Mini Muffins are the shiznuts!
by Farzad October 08, 2005
Top Definition
1. An interjection used to say something you have earned, lost, forgotten, completed, etc.
2. Funny word that takes the place of "shit." Usually makes other people laugh, and also is legit to use in school.
Oh shiznuts I forgot to get my history book from my locker!
by ltsMeexD January 12, 2009
Random word meaning "I have nothing else to say" or another use of Shista!
"Shiznut" or "Thats some crazy shiznut!"
by MakDaddi0 January 15, 2004
(talking aboot a freestyle) "That shiznut was splice"
by Cassidy February 23, 2004
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