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1-the combination of shit and the fuzzy creatures from the quiznos commercial

2-Something that is equally ugly as the grimlin creatures from that crappy 80's movie
ex 1
Clare: hey look at that shizmo
Sara: yea u want sum quiznos
Clare: heck yes

ex 2
Clare: should i wear this to the party?
Sara: no way dude u look like a flipin Shizmo that just had a seasure, woke up in kansas, had its nappy-ass coat soaked in goat piss, got fried, & died
*smile* =]
Clare: Bitch! find ur own ride to the party!
*pulls out shank*
by Clare C April 02, 2006
noun; a shower.
Brandon "I gotta take the ill shizmo after that workout."
by Neo June 15, 2003
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