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verb-having a sh*t on the loo while having a jhizz (cum)
omg he just had a shizz in my toilet

wait till you get home to have a shizz
another meaning for stuff.
what shiz did you include for the assignment?
do you like shiz?
by shona_boner October 28, 2007
A mixture of shit and jizz, created commonly in the act of anal intercourse.
"Let's make shiz, baby?"
"Wipe that shiz off your ass"
"Aw Shiz"
by PaulCORE October 14, 2007
She-Jizz aka...

>>Woman Jizz.
>>Slug Trails
>>Fish supper
>>Tarter Sauce
>>Squirt Sauce
>> Vagina Juice
She squirted her shiz all over me clean sheets.
by Fhiyll June 05, 2007
To shit and jiz simultaneously.
umph... umph... umphhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! oh god... shiz.
by Tiari October 08, 2006
sweet chalk used for marking starts at the high jump pit at track meets.

also: sarah and kendra.
Yo, shiz, i need some shiz to mark this. Orange, if you got it.
by kendra (shiz) September 28, 2006
Things or possessions.
"I'll go and fetch my shiz"
by pushtheenvelope September 01, 2006