Shiz is a combination of sperm and feces that is produced by a human. One will preform the act of shizing if he/she wants to obtain the highest level of satisfaction.
Chris walked up to a apartment building covered in shiz. He looked down at the street and admired the dense shiz that was surrounding his feet. As he opened the door to the apartment building, he saw a figure off into the distance that nearly made him ejaculate in his pants. Maya was standing before him covered in shiz. They immediately started to have rough intercourse until chris shized on Maya's face.
by shizmaster5000 March 24, 2011
The odd mixture of shit and jizz sometimes found in scat porno movies. It varies in size and content ratio, but ultimately retains its universal milk chocolate color.
"Oh dude, did you see that shiz in the porno movie I sent you?" Says random dude.

"I was fapping so hard to it!" Says other random dude.

"Ugh, you guys are sick." So says the third random person.
by Dontfapatmedood August 12, 2009
- commonly used in times of excitement or great disbelief
- within the 21st century, the word shiz has been used in different context, not only to highly disagree with somethin but to support it and congratulate someone

derived from two words

1. Sh = shit
2. iz = it is
b1: i'm pregnant with twins
b2: ohh shiz
by honeyfactory June 23, 2009
A mixture of sh*t and jizz.
Bob: Last night he fu*ked her in the a33 and shiz came out.
by lolzcakeslolz April 06, 2009
a word to describe anything, where you could also use the word shit, but you don't have to.
eg. Hand me that shiz over there, so I can put it in the shiz.
by wallass August 18, 2008
Form of sh*t
Jackie, Brittany, and Jackie's mom are watching TV

Jackie: Did you know that Bernie Mac died?
Jackie's mom: Holy sh*t!
Brittany: Holy shiz!
by CrAziiTxTr August 09, 2008
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