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- commonly used in times of excitement or great disbelief
- within the 21st century, the word shiz has been used in different context, not only to highly disagree with somethin but to support it and congratulate someone

derived from two words

1. Sh = shit
2. iz = it is
b1: i'm pregnant with twins
b2: ohh shiz
by honeyfactory June 23, 2009
another word for shit.
shiz, man i got grounded for a whole year.
by Phil Kong December 03, 2007
something great or wonderful
That movie was the shiz! It was the best movie ive seen in 2 years!
by Patrick Martin September 07, 2003
Verb. To simultaneously shit and jizz oneself, usually in response to a situation eliciting both fear and excitement (or arousal).
The thought of fucking his pet hedgehog was so exciting, he shizzed his pants.
by RichieBollocks February 19, 2009
a word used to replace the swearword "shit" in an awkward situation in which one shouldn't swear.

aka... babysitting, Christmas dinner, fancy party, classroom situations
by tangerinesea October 31, 2010
To be in such a stage of fright that one experiences a bowel movement and ejaculation.
Joe was so terrified and surprised when Charles jumped out and scared him he shizzed.
by C4PO July 08, 2010
syn. for shit - vulgar usage
I ain't buyin' any of that shiz...
by shIZ March 31, 2003
The odd mixture of shit and jizz sometimes found in scat porno movies. It varies in size and content ratio, but ultimately retains its universal milk chocolate color.
"Oh dude, did you see that shiz in the porno movie I sent you?" Says random dude.

"I was fapping so hard to it!" Says other random dude.

"Ugh, you guys are sick." So says the third random person.
by Dontfapatmedood August 12, 2009