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adjective meaning great or brilliant, used to describe a persons opinion of an event or object

created by norris
"dude did u see that mans hat"
"yeah it was shivey"
by zeby January 29, 2008
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To get the story
1: Momo: Do you want me to give you the shivey?
Mika: Sure
Momo: We're dating xD
Mika: Epic fail =P

2: Alice: C'mon, what's the shivey?
Kiku: She might be having twins!
Alice: No way, seriously?
Kiku: Seriously.
by Shiouri August 09, 2008
Pronounced 'Shy~vee'
Means 'to come up short in count.

For example, if you paid for 12 oranges, and there were only 11 in the bag, you'd say it was a 'shivey count'

The term was coined in the drug industry, when customers would receive a bag that was inadequate, they would complain of a "shivey count"
"Dude, that last bag was pretty shivey. It was only a 6.5, when it should have been a 7!'

"If you buy from Pete, you gotta be careful, cuz he's known to give out shivey grams"
by Lofe A Lofe November 24, 2011

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