1) An expression of dismay, frustration, anger, fear, and/or confusion.

2) A debate, argument, and/or discussion that degenerates into a shit-talking spectacle.

3) A shitting competition, see battle shits.

4)The act of chronic and aggressive bullshitting.
1) "Hey Tim, the cops are the door asking about you." "Shitzkrieg! They better have a warrant."

2) All too often political discussions turn into a shitzkrieg.

3) "I think the guy in the stall next to me was trying to have a shitzkrieg with me." "That's fucking sick, why are you telling me this?"

4) Connor never seems to know what he is talking about, but his unwavering efforts and asshattery make him a spectacular shitzkrieger.
by The Citizen Science April 21, 2009
Top Definition
1. A war waged against an asshole; conversely

2. A war waged by an asshole.
"If that asshole doesn't quit with his antics, I'm set to wage a full-on shitzkrieg upon him."

"I don't know what this asshole's deal is, he's been coming straight at me all day with his shitzkrieg."
by heatshedfogphase April 24, 2008
A very quick but thorough bowel movement, often times involving a ghost poop.
Peter used the war-proven tactic of Shitzkrieg in order to catch the 9 o'clock train.
by Kommandant Hemphill October 01, 2009
When several annoying/inconvenient/terrible/shitty things happen to you at the same time. Like a blitzkrieg applied to modern day threats.
Oh god, this teacher gave me a shitzkrieg of homework! I have this 50 page paper due tomorrow!
by shlin August 17, 2009
Comes from the term blitzkrieg used in Nazi Germany during the second world war. Shitzkrieg is when your taking a shit normally a loose watery shit and you fart in mid-shit causing shit particles too spray everywhere making your toilet bowl look like a war zone when you have finished?
Pakreem; jheeeeze maynnn I went to take slash in yo bathroom WTF happened dude I need a gas mask to go piss in there
Fenton; man ate a kebab last night! Woke up with bowels like a lidl bag and took a dump this morning, it was shitzkrieg man shit went everywhere, I feel both mentally and physically drained after that
Pakreem; dayyyymmmmmmm
by Taking Kay felling ghey January 13, 2012
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