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a trifling ass, lazy ass, bipolar ass, confusing ass, asshole ass man
jeff and chris are shitty niggas.
by Ernest, Edward, and Dennis October 19, 2007
12 3
shitty niggers, shitty niggaz, its like sayin 'shit', 'damn' anything of that sort
cops roll up and you turn to your friend and say "shitty niggas"
by EmC April 24, 2005
11 7
expletive, like shit, fuck, damn, used in bad sutuations, invented by joe T and spread by EmC and D-Lock and other P-dub heads
<police turn on their lights and make you pull over>
Joe T(as he turns to EmC and D-Lock): shitty niggas
by EmC April 24, 2005
10 9