(adj) A description of the condition in which an action was completed.
This piano is pretty shittily made, it sounds like a dying cat.
by Gordon Fuckington October 20, 2011
-when an action is performed below moral or proffesional standards.
-When something is not going well.
The way the TTC handled their strike was done very shittily
by Borrisrishaw April 26, 2008
Dishonest or reprehensible: being treated shittily.
Something gone horribly wrong
My massive consumpion of alcohal and drugs made me behave shittily.
by Dpostrophe October 05, 2003
to do something very poorly
Fagget: My house is terrible.

Cool Person: Yeah, it was built pretty shittily.
by Black Panthah July 06, 2009
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