One who claims to be a hipster.
Dude, look at all thoes Shitsters and art fucks.
#hipster #shitster #art fucks #beatnig #new waver
by El Duche the fag basher October 29, 2010
Top Definition
adj. One who causes trouble, especially for others - a contraction of "shit stirrer".
Joey just lied to his older sister about nailing her best friend - what a shitster!
by jim October 03, 2003
two best friends who become the equivalent of blood brothers, by reflecting on their lives and their shit while they take a dump in the stalls next to each-other...... a strong bond of friendship is formed and remembered whenever either shitster take a shit
M and M are becoming shitsters in the bathroom at barnes and noble by releasing their poop into toilets
#shitsters #shit #sisters #friends #shitty
by shhhittssstersssss January 13, 2009
A shitty sister. To be used in jest or maliciously.
What's up, ya shitster?
#sister #shitty #stupid head #idiot #dumbass
by Suzerain17 December 30, 2005
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