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Diarrhoea. Chronic and explosive that won't stop for at least an hour. Sometimes occurring after a heavy night out.
Rumble... Rumble...

Oh my stomach it hurts so much...

I've got the Shitslops!!.

Whooooosh... Urggh... Whoosh... Ugh...

Whooooosh.... Ugh...

An hour passes by.

Oh that's better..

That was one hellish Shit Slop!!
by Dickie Rimmer April 15, 2015
1.Refers to low quality fast food.

2.Refers to Taco Bell's beef, specifically.
-Hey what can we get to eat at this time of night?
-You're only going to find shitslop.
by Dordan Dayliaz November 22, 2006
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