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Quite possibly the most annoying and meaningless phrase ever. What does crap or a laugh have to do with anything?
Person 1: "Yeah, I just did it for shits and giggles."
Person 2: *sighs* "Not another one."
by H8s shiz and gigz March 13, 2008
56 134
excitement gained from an often simple action or occurence; often used to explain reason in response to a stupid question.
Tom: "why the hell did you do that?"
Sue: "just for shits and giggles." (aka, just for the hell of it)
by Annie B. June 08, 2004
1328 258
To do something for amusement or to annoy someone else.
Let's just do it for shits and giggles.
by Michelle April 19, 2004
732 302
just for fun, a little kick in the pants
Let's go put a flaming bag of shit on Mr.Henderson's doorstep, ya know, just for Shits and giggles!
by SHIT MAN December 16, 2002
629 222
the fun of it, the sake of doing it, thrills, sensation, "funsies", the hell of it, because it's there, "the devil made me do it"
Billy: why did you spray graffiti on the train?

Jojo: shits and giggles
by Starpunk November 06, 2006
310 134
To do something for leisure. To do something for one's own self pleasure.
I'm going to make fun of americans and stupidity on urban dictionary for shits and giggles.
by Long Bang Trung August 21, 2004
227 144
to do something just for the hell of it.
Ya know, those were kids who lit stuff on fire just for shits and giggles.
by kayla denise May 16, 2009
104 41
means "just for fun"
as: " go call them, just for shits and giggles"

or: " Just for shits and giggles, try that shirt on"
by 3grrrs January 30, 2010
45 35