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1.The era of modern American global policy, drug policy and financial ruin succeding the administrations of Nixon, Regan, Bush.
2.The result of Republican polocies as described by Hunter S. Thompson actually orginating with Richard M. Nixon's destructive administration, the father of the The War on Drugs.
"The fatbellies have taken control again hurling us all into the age of the shitrain."
by Word Dr. June 11, 2005
When water falls from the sky just enough to move dirt around but not wash away the dirt.
Did you take your car to a dirt wash?
No, it just shit rain on my car yesterday.

Honey, you should clean the windows outside.
Naw, it's fine. You can barely see the dirt.
Ok, just wait until it shit rains on the windows.
by sdklegend June 06, 2015
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