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The act of trying to find every little freaking thing wrong about anything, in a rather sad/pathetic attempt to validate one's intelligence, yet the act of shitpicking actually does the opposite; as it proves that the person shitpicking is so desperate for attention that they will grasp at literally anything in an attempt to prove someone else wrong, and/or win an argument.
Person 1: (referencing a baking recipe on the web for a "brownie cookie") The person who owns this baking site should know that a brownie IS a cookie, and in fact, is a type of bar cookie. I read it in a book in my culinary arts class, the name of the recipe is just retarded.

Person 2: the average person would not consider a brownie to be a cookie

Person 1: yes, but the person who runs this baking website should know this. I consider the brownie/cookie thing to be a biggy mistake

Person 2: you're shitpicking. stop.
by smartgenius1 May 26, 2009
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