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A group, gaggle, pack, flock, or herd of shitwinks. Most commonly seen and/or heard at night in ramschackle student "ghettos."
"Look at that shitpack! There must be a dozen of the little cockweasels!"

"Ah, yes. Let's plow through them with my Volvo, shall we?"
Anal sex. For a male to penitrate his penis into someone else's anus. Usually a derogatory word used to describe homosexual(male with male)sex.
I bet those two guys are going to shitpack each other tonight!
by Barcode23 October 16, 2003
To be anally penetrated so that the shit inside ur anus is "packed" down.
To pack your stuff and leave.
At Rikers Island, you often get your shit packed

Man: baby mama yous gunsta get outta ma house nd gimme my kids.
Woman: Nah nigga, they my kids you havnt paid child support in years
Man: bitch ass, get your "shit packed" and leave me alone

by adrian and dan June 22, 2007
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