A common phrase used by stoners when things get heavy or they get into a tight situation.
Hey man how you doing? Not bad, look at this ounce I just picked up. (takes out ounce). Shit nuts that stuff look dank man let's get on it.
by The great.. OMG its nearly 420 January 20, 2012
An insult someone,an implication of someone being homosexual
Eric,you little shitnut
by RAWR February 22, 2005
half-assed insult that doesn't make sense that suggests a person is half shit and half nuts.
go away you shitnuts
by jonathan lim March 13, 2004
is what happens after anal orgasms!
When 2 men have sex one guy has to be the giver and the other the reciever, and when the reciever orgasms the giver get's covered in whatever shit the reciever hadn't already disposed of before sexual intercourse occured hence "shit-nuts"
by ljvjlessenger August 24, 2003
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