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an extraordinary string of expletives. flows forth easily. usually used as emphasis on a negative circumstance. (although sometimes used to express great feeling)

My mom's phone just got shut off. ShitniggaDAMN!

Shitniggadamn! That girl has huge jugs!
by Amber Weeks December 21, 2006
Something that impressed you.
- Dang nigga, look at that Brazilian ass
- Shit nigga damn, that's a fat ass girl
by Gustavo goose February 09, 2013
an exclamation used to emphasize the pure awesomeness of the statement following it.
Shitniggadamn Bri Taylor be fine as hell bro!
by dskier119 January 15, 2013
a nigga shitting, damn the police, yeah i'm a nigga.
Man i've gotta shit nigga damn.
by ren walkero October 01, 2008