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1.An appropriate swear word for one who is extremely girly.

2.Also, appropriate when trying to sound innocent while simultaneously swearing because of some misfortune.

This phrase is better when said loudly in a public place, so that one can laugh at the fact that shitindoodle was just said with their friends.

This phrase is usually preceded by a pause so that one can consciously become aware of the misfortune that just occurred.

The main reason that this phrase is so funny is because it is such a stupid thing to say!

Saying this phrase can also be used as a distraction when you are trying to avoid something like, remembering that you owe someone money. Simply say the word and the conversation will go off on a tangent that will allow, for example, your friend who you owe money, to forget about that money momentarily.
ex. person1- "hey weren't you suppose to pay me back for last Friday?"

person2-". . .pause. . . (crap hes right! I do owe him money!) Shitindoodle!"

person1- " What the hell did you just say?"

person2- "shitindoodle, why?"

*The conversation will now most likely not return to the money that person2 oes person1
by hiphopbreakdancingdog July 15, 2010
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