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kinda like a "shithole" but worse. It's the next step from a "shithole".
Ah man, this place has turned into a shithell!
by Holiday April 12, 2005
Conjunction of the words "shit" and "hell", created and used almost exclusively(as of this writing) in Winter Haven, Florida. Basically like saying "Shit!", but with a "hell" on the end for added effect.
Gavin: "Did you see the size of that hickey Brandy just gave Chandler?"

Ethan: "Shit hell! It was massive, bro!"
by jiggity dizzle fazizzle March 17, 2008
The worst hell in existence and home of the Shit Devil.

What deems a person worthy of being thrown into Shit Hell is purely subjective.
Karl: "Turns out I'm gay."
Josh: "Also turns out you're going to Shit Hell."

Ethan: "If you don't put Jason Christ into your heart, you'll go to hell, and if you don't allow Ted Haggard to dip his tip, you'll go straight down to Shit Hell."
Jesse: "And if I marry outside of my race?"
Ethan: "Shit Hell."

Jasper: "I broke the law by going 57 in a 55."
Tommy: "You'll be hanging out with the Shit Devil soon enough for that!"
by ChristCrayons July 06, 2012

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