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kinda like a "shithole" but worse. It's the next step from a "shithole".
Ah man, this place has turned into a shithell!
by Holiday April 12, 2005
-A person not of sound mind or body.
-My boss went all whackadoodle on me today, when I reminded him I was leaving early.
by Holiday August 27, 2005
any clever saying that comes out of Holiday's Mouth!
This is a "Holidayism"
"Why you gotta bust that one on me, with a mouthful of Jack!?!?!"
by Holiday April 20, 2005
Food that tastes gross no matter how you eat it.
kid: "Are we having Burgers for dinner?"
Mom: "No we're having Shit on a brick!"
by Holiday April 20, 2005

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