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When you're in the can, and you let out a cheek smacking string of farts... while you've got a cliffhanger. Afterwards you giggle like a schoolgirl.

John: Oooh it's comming out
John's ass: brrt brt brrrt brt
John: ...
John: teeheheheheheh
by pkjc March 18, 2008
It's when you laugh so hard that you shit your pants a little.
-Holy shit giggle! I just shit giggled!
-Oh man, now i have to change!
by shit you not December 21, 2010
Flatulence. A comical way of saying 'fart'.
"Man, have you ever smelt her shit giggle's? It's like smelling the residue in Satan's belly button."
by Ashlon November 17, 2007
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