an alcoholic beverage consisting of EVERYTHING you can find around you, may it be multiple kinds of alcohol, condiments such as mustard or even dirt. anything goes. youll feel shitfucked afterwords
lets go make shitfucks guys i love not remembering what happened the night before
by MarMyd June 06, 2007
(litterally) fucking a piece of shit
Well Gus, there was a bear terd in the yard. Made for a good shit fuck.
by forest asunder September 21, 2008
To fuck someone with a dried or frozen shit
That cunt pissed me off, so I took a dump in the ice cube tray and then shit fucked her.
by He who burgles the turd May 16, 2006
when some one tottaly desicrates there body, and can be called nothing else but a shit-fuck.
Oh my god, joel caught his dick on fire at Devin's house, hes a SHIT-FUCK !!!
by Devin August 12, 2003
1. To sodomise someone (esp. if they are unprepared)
2. To anally rape someone
They broke into her house, tied her up and shitfucked her.
by Noxema-Tapioca April 17, 2008
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