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When one deposits the used toilet paper to the wall, after defacation, so that the feces makes the paper stick to the wall. Several are usually arranged in a bouquet of stinky oragamy.
Missy was irritated with the condition of the truck stop restroom, so she left some shitflowers after pushing out a muddy Stuckey Nutlog.
by Eman1187 May 07, 2009
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A term to describe someone who hates everyone and everything, taken from the South Park episode "You're Getting Old" where Stan starts hating all music, TV, movies, and people in general. It is sometimes used to describe a person who is in a bad mood and hates everything.
Does that guy just hate everything?
Nah, he's just being a shitflower again.
by webhead February 22, 2014
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When tolet paper and pieces of feces get stuck in your anus hairs.
Guy 1: Man, I picked a bushell of shit flowers last night.
Guy 2: Nasty man.
by leekster March 02, 2010
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