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Feces found in adult diapers of an old person after digesting a fruitcake, which may still have the red and green candied cherries in it, resulting in a colorful festive "pudding".
Missy had to change Mr. Jone's Depends after he soiled himself, only to discover it full of "Christmas Pudding". She saved it as a gag pinata for her blind Mexican friend.
by Eman1187 December 26, 2008
A horizontal chop motion done with one's hand or fingers at another person's throat, with just enough force to interrupt their speech, but not necessarily injure them. The result may make the recipient cough or have to swallow, but definitely halts immediate speech. Often, the word "hyphen" is said as the blow is delivered.
Chris was annoyed with Derrick's drunken diatribe, so he served up a swift hyphen to shut him up quickly.
by Eman1187 May 07, 2009
When one deposits the used toilet paper to the wall, after defacation, so that the feces makes the paper stick to the wall. Several are usually arranged in a bouquet of stinky oragamy.
Missy was irritated with the condition of the truck stop restroom, so she left some shitflowers after pushing out a muddy Stuckey Nutlog.
by Eman1187 May 07, 2009
When one saves their fortunes after eating Chinese food, and deposits them carefully into a floating turd left unflushed in a toilet. The "topper" to this haneous act is to pull the paper from the roll without tearing it, wiping the ass after defacation, and rerolling the paper for a secondary victim to discover later on.
Missy was unhappy with her General Tso's Chicken, so she left a Fortune Dookie for the establishment to deal with.
by Eman1187 May 07, 2009
Backing up against a urinal and defecating into it, either due to commode stalls being occupied, or revenge at a janitor.
Lee was mad at Missy, the cleaning lady at work, so he pulled a loading dock in the men's restroom. Missy had to go log fishing and replace the cherry puck.
by Eman1187 May 05, 2009

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