When shit gets thrown into your face.
haha just kidding it's when you get drunk as hell...
"She was totally Shit Faced last night"
by Pedobear :) June 07, 2012
Being really drunk and high that you have completely NOOO idea what you are doing.
she was so shit faced, instead off calmly getting of the bus, like a sober young lady would do, she fell off..
by lulface June 12, 2012
totally drunk - just submitting for the quote below.
"Am I shit-faced yet?" (Arnold in 'Twins')
by dr. sausage September 14, 2007
Shit Faced: from the Latin "shitibus faceibus".

1) To have one's entire face covered in feces.
2) To become so intoxicated/high that you act like an asshole/whore/your math teacher and perform things/sexual acts that you would never do in your right mind.
1) Because my face is covered in shit, I am shit faced.
2) God, after those 15 bottle of scotch, I was shit faced and woke up next to my math teacher.
by PlummiPLUM April 10, 2004
A homosexual act in which one man uses his tongue to pleasure another man rectally after soiling himself. Resulting in a feces covered face.
I am about to go out and get fucking shitfaced.

If I can meet a nice guy at the gay bar.
by Chuzzwuzzler October 19, 2011
When a plumber snakes a live sewer line to clear a stoppage and is sprayed in the face with "solids" when removing the snake from the line.

Alternate Definition: Any situation in which "solid wastes" are placed on the face.
"I pulled this toilet to snake the flange and totally got shit faced afterwards. It's not my day today."
by JoePlumber April 13, 2010
Too drunk to move or talk.
Yo dis bitch is shit-faced let's get outta hea bfo she try ta pull a exorsist on us.
by Da PACMAN August 21, 2005
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