A boggers way of saying shit. Used widely in Ireland
the hurling was shite today
by evie February 03, 2003
a wat of saying shit and it is NOT british like the first person said. its very irish.
retard:shite is how you say shit in britian.
irish guy: THATS SHITE!!! its an irish word, ye ninny!
by Kennedi Greene September 27, 2007
The post-Saves dregs of a cigarette indicated by the lettering just before the filter. Recipients of 'shites' may expect 2 to 3 pulls before necessarily having to stub the cigarette out. 'Shites' entails an increased risk of burning one's fingers and/or lips when compared to, for example, Saves. Those who ask for 'Shites' are generally disrespected and/or ignored and perhaps insulted.
"Giz' shites off that!"
"Shites? Shites?"

"Can I have Saves?"
"Can I have Saves off Saves?"
"Go on then"
by cdsmith September 19, 2006
A Scottish way of saying shit.
I could go for a massive shite right about now.

I feel like shite today.

You know, Andrew looks like shite today.
by howbertson March 07, 2015
The way you say "cheese" in Hungarian. Only it's spelled "sajt" cos in Hungarian "s" is "sh" and "j" is "y".
So you can say shite as much as you like, claiming it's just hungarian for cheese!
You: "Pass me some of that shite on toast"
Other person: "What did you say??"
You: "It means cheese in hungarian!"
by Peter Adams January 07, 2004
A shitty way of saying shit.
British English is a pretty shite vernacular.
by Zorque March 13, 2008
It's A better word of shit
Holy shite or I just shited my pants
by WhiteTurtle2o0 September 21, 2012

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