Shitballs is a word for an attention whoring idiot. It will constantly do its best to prove its gender on the internet, without actually providing proof. A shitballs is very likely to be found in chatrooms, linking her facebook pictures, and poorly attempting to troll users of actual worth.
"Shitballs laughed and posted her kawaii cat picture to the chatroom. Ah! My cleavage is showing! Don't hit on me, silly boys!"

"You want me to show you tits?! I can't do that, I must stay a perfectly pure virgin forever! ..... add my skype teehee!"

"Ugh, that bitch is totally shitballing. She should man up and post tits if that's the only use she has."
by Babbytube August 23, 2012
A verb, meaning to go crazy or to lose the shit off of your balls.
Mainly used when someone says something extremely obscene.
Kate: Wanna have sex?
Bubba: SURE!

Kate: Oh yeah, I just had my period.
Bubba: FUCK! Don't go shitballs, bitch.

"i woke up this morning with the shitballs again"
"went out earlier and started talking to a girl, what do you know her friend straight up shitballs me!"
"I once took my girlfriend to a shoe store but when she told me to buy her shoes she straight up shitballs'd me"
"John left his shitballs in my backseat again, i'm going to have to call into work again"
by GottaLoveCorn August 23, 2012
Something yelled when things aren't going your way.
Guy#1 I wanna fuck your sister!
Guy#2 She moved to Alaska last month, you dumb fuck
by ShmexyBoii May 30, 2011
often followed by !!!, SHITBALLS can be used as an exclamation for anything.
Me: SHITBALLS!!! That kid is really ugly
When you wipe from back to front and you go forward a little to far.
also an exlimation of sumething that surpises or distresses you
dude i just got done taking a dump and i think i have some shit-balls
oh shit-balls i forgot to do my homework
by dannyofborg August 31, 2008
An overwhelming feeling above any others you may have previously experienced
Holy Shitballs!!!! I got free tickets to go see slayer live in concert!!!!!!!
by Thrash Is Back February 17, 2008
To have shit on ones balls
gosh, look at all that shit on my shit balls!
by de-spec October 10, 2010

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