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1 definition by GottaLoveCorn

A verb, meaning to go crazy or to lose the shit off of your balls.
Mainly used when someone says something extremely obscene.
Kate: Wanna have sex?
Bubba: SURE!

Kate: Oh yeah, I just had my period.
Bubba: FUCK! Don't go shitballs, bitch.

"i woke up this morning with the shitballs again"
"went out earlier and started talking to a girl, what do you know her friend straight up shitballs me!"
"I once took my girlfriend to a shoe store but when she told me to buy her shoes she straight up shitballs'd me"
"John left his shitballs in my backseat again, i'm going to have to call into work again"
by GottaLoveCorn August 23, 2012