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adj 1.) how something so awesomely stupid breaks that barrier and elevates to the level of becoming shitarded.
after parachuting out of a plane that shitarded cracker whipped out the bat wing suit and flew back home.
by giddycracker November 23, 2010
So drunk your shit-faced and retarded
damn did u see that whore lizette at the party? She can't handle her licquor at all she puked all over, she was so shitarded!
by Sexy Beyotch December 27, 2004
adj.: 1. how one feels after finishing the two forties taped to one's hands
2. the state one must be in to go to toad's
n.: 3. the goal of any squadron event
v.: 4. finding your zen
He was so shitarded he couldn't talk, walk, or pee.
by tobym April 30, 2005
typically, as drunk as one may possibly become.

an adjective used to descride a person that has just left Long Island's Boardy Barn and is probably soaked with beer.
Sally and Johnny were so shitarded that night, one would have thought they just left the Boardy Barn!
by ken81086 May 21, 2009