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I term used as a derogatory comment towards italian people. It is a combination of the word shit and italian. First heard it written on the wall in a public restroom. Can also be used to describe the country of Italy as Shitaly.
That Giovani is such a shitalian.
All those fucken shitalians can go fuck themselves.
by Ah-El December 24, 2004
Someone on Urban Dictionary who has no life and posts mindless definitions on how Italians are the best in the world. They usually aren't Italian, otherwise they would have better things to do about than announcing themselves over the internet.
Italians: Best people in the world. Why? No reason. We just are. ~I'm Italian~


Italian: Someone with a great ass!


Italian: What YOU wish you were!

Now we have heaps of racist spam on Urban dictionary wherever we look. Damn those ShItalians...
by Tess the ScLientistâ„¢ April 28, 2011
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