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Usually said in disbelief, shock, or amazment.
Shit son! I didnt know we get ALL 100 porn channels!!!
by Bill Kiniry February 20, 2006
a general exclamation used in any situation, good or bad
shit son, that was tight
shit son! we almost died!
by Bryan=the shit March 20, 2006
in other words your just saying shit as in shit that hurts only you add son on the end to make yourself seem cooler
shitson,i cut my finger
shitson this is mad homosexual!
by karissa November 25, 2004
A variant on saying shit. In my mind a more exotic exciting way of swearing.
Oh, shitson! I've only gone and left my didgeridoo at Keith's
by mofoka_x March 23, 2009
the combination of shit and son. In other words, it is the equilvalence of shit or shoot.
Shitson! Where did he go?
by gladis March 25, 2004
when something is really bad, it is the shitsons.
ted-"hey man, how did you do on that psychology test?"

frank- "I bombed it bro."

ted- "sorry man, thats the shitsons"
by thatoneguy365 January 31, 2011
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