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someone who has another's hand up their ass making their lips move in accordance to what the hand's owner wants the shit puppet to say. analogous to the puppet on a string with a puppet-master, but specifically apropo to political and/or bureaucratic figures who are controlled by others in the organization.
Beth is really just Dave's shit puppet. He has his hand up her ass making her lips move.
by scpa July 09, 2009
A term trashy people use that refers to other specific trashy individuals within a trailer park community.
All the little shit puppets think they know something about getting drunk, but I am the liquor. The shit puppets line up for handouts.
by Johnny "Fuck the NWO" Five December 12, 2008
a male who will have sexual intercourse with anyone including the same sex for booze, smokes , or drugs. the above also refuses to work or collect welfare
sally told bobby that she thought her ex boyfriend was a real shit puppet for haveing sexual intercource with a man for beer.
by Colleen froms the lake April 18, 2009