Something that happens that is out of your control. Also meant if you really don't care for what happened.
Guy 1: "dude, did you hear what happened?"
Guy 2: "shit happens. So what's new?"
by HigherChamp January 25, 2014
When severenth happens to not give a shit.
Martin: shithappens
by moojay January 12, 2011
This was first slurred by a drunken soldier in a bar in europe who was pinning over his impending divorce. The phrase was picked up by the soldier's friend who in turn made it his "catch phrase". It quickly gained popularity and propigated through out the military community. Within two years the phrase started showing up back in the United States.
The blasted soldier was trying to say: I'm stuck over here and she is back home. She met someone else. I'm over here. This is how this kind of shit happens, because he was blaming the military for shipping him overseas.
What came out of the soldier was: ah'm shruck ova heer an shees back home. Sheez met summ one cuz ah'm ova here. An thatz, Shit happens.
by biker dude November 08, 2009
A phrase that was originally created in the movie "Gump". Oddly enough, it can be modified to represent almost every religion and religional sect's main message.
Taoism: Shit Happens.

Hinduism: This shit happened before.

Islam: If shit happens, take hostages.

Buddhism: If shit happens is it really shit?

Protestantism: Shit happens if you work hard.

Catholicism: Shit Happens, I deserve it.

7th Day Adventist:Shit happens on Saturday.

Mormonism: Knock Knock, Shit Happens.

Judaism: Why does shit happen to me?

Krishnaism: Shit happens, ring a dingy ding.

Jehovah's Witness:People now living will see shit happen.

Paganism: Each shit has its own name.

Atheism: Bullshit!
by supergub August 08, 2009
Jehovah's Witness view of Shit Happens: "Shit has been prophesied and is imminent! Only the righteous shall survive it happening!"
Gaze thine sallow orbs upon the definition inscribed above, young acolyte, and observe how the Striped Erzulie can turn "see above" into more than 20 words through the wonders of bullshit.
by The Striped Erzulie August 29, 2005
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