common lexicon for someone who demonstrates a complete lack of intelligence or savoir faire ...

hey shitforbrains ... your drooling has extinguished the joint ...
by duckboy November 21, 2007
One that is sooooo stupid that he/she is brainless. He/she must not have a brain, but shit in his/her skull, therefore, he/she must have shit for brains!
Ohh my God, you fucked that up again! Man, you must have Shit For Brains!
by Trevo October 12, 2006
Someone whoose brains have been replaced by human excrement.
Me: Jesse, you have shit for brains!

Jesse: Oh man... speak with love...
by AMR supervisor April 15, 2010
1. A stupid, careless person.

2. A person that has fecal matter in their cranium.

1. "Jack is a shit for brains idiot"

2. Intern: "Holy shit this man has a bad case of 'shit for brains'."

Doctor: "Jesus Intern your right, we must get this fecal matter out of his cranium."
by swompwhomp March 23, 2009
A nickname one of my Drill Instructor gave me.
Sgt. McCallum: Shit for Brains, what's your 10th general order?

Me: Sir, I..I mean this Recruit does not remember, Sir!


Me: Aye Sir!
by Uhhhh March 10, 2005
George dubya Bush = shit for brains
Dumb? yup! George dubya is shit for brains and about as dumb as they get.
by huw gottarby-kidding September 10, 2005
1. Having shit actually in the place where your brain should be. Symptoms for this disease is smelling something extremely bad eery time you breathe.

2. Synonym for George W. Bush
1. The animal had shit for brains thus always smelling like doo doo.

2. George W. Bush is a person who has literally shit for brains and also has many friends who reside in his cabinet such as Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld whom also have the disease of having shit for brains.
by Alec November 04, 2004
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