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The pieces of corn left in your shit after you take a dump.
Dude1: I just took a shit... and theres corn floating in it.
Dude2: That's shit corn man...
by Brenden H December 11, 2007
Annoying Mormon Children that live in Utah.
Those annoying shit corns in Wal-Mart are screaming and I want to strangle then over by the frozen food section.
by Pussy licker mmm July 03, 2016
A great log of shit with yellowish rock hard warts. This warts resemble corn and this is how the name of this strand of feces has been coined.
Man did you hear of the Shitcorn he deposited into his untamed toilet last night?" "Ya, that was a legendary Shitcorn, it whipped his toilet right into shape!
by Zach_W_ August 31, 2010
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