1) an asshole/enemy/moron friend

2) A person who is or is suspected of
being involved with the act of recieving anal sex from a girl with a strap on. The term comes from the resulting brick shape the shit is believed to have taken.
1) Lee was being a cock block again? What a fucking shit brick.

2)Lee, you would take it in the ass from a girl you shit brick
by trabes trabler February 24, 2004
A phrase used to make fun of someone. Used by Stiffler in American Pie.
You're a shit brick.
by Internet August 28, 2003
A slab of feces carved into the exact shape of a rectangular prism. Bender from Futurama craps them out when scared.
How's it goin', shitbrick? Still doin' my homework? That's great. And now to bring out the whip.
by Bastardized Bottomburp September 28, 2003
A brick that is made from shit

An action apparantly done when scared

i coulnd't find any clay so i used my own shit to make bricks

I was shitting bricks when i visted the clinic
by baz August 09, 2004
a rectangular box shaped piece of feces expelled from the anus of a living or dying animal.... also a person who shares many of the same characteristics of the feces
Fuckin shit brick!!!!
by Joe Peezy fo Sheezy August 14, 2007
A kid who cannot take a shit in public places. Usually resulting from a traumatic experience during childhood, involving a public restroom.
We call my friend Chris Orr 'shit brick' cuz he shit his pants in class one time cuz he rufused to use the public bathrooms.
by Cee Dub December 29, 2003
someone stupid. head as hard as a brick. also known as hard headed.
someone doing something idiotic.
by loser September 15, 2003

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