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Completely drunk to the point of ignorance. Unknowingly peeing on inanimate objects or oneself.

Scott Johnson was shit boxed every day of college.
by DirkNiggla September 08, 2003
21 3
The act of receiving a very undesirable package in the mail; usually vulgar, yet always funny! They come in different themes for almost any occasion.
John got busted screwing his girl's best friend, so his fiance sent him an annonymous package; he was totally shitboxed!
by jackson_ruby February 12, 2011
2 2
The leaving of fecal matter in a bag or a box, secretly hidden in a small room (especially dorm rooms) as a prank or revenge.
Hey, we shit-boxed Scott. He should smell that in a week or two!
by annonymous April 11, 2005
5 5