Spit out sunflower seed shells.

Spiked Nades:

Sunflower seed shells can't be digested, so your shit is spiked with shells. Cuts open your ass causing massive pain for an amount of time to your asshole.
That shit i took was a spiked nade, it ripped my asshole apart!
by Procow March 25, 2010
Best used when you've gotten yourself into a real pickle.
Kid: Shit...
Kid2: What happened?
Kid: I didn't my homework
Kid2: ...Dumbfuck
by OMG LOLZ!!!!1111+shit!!!! March 20, 2005
Computer term

System Has Interrupted Task

The PC has S.H.I.T
Itself i.e it has hung and stopped processing any tasks
by nwing March 05, 2009
1. Verb: Slang for when someone takes a crap.
2. Interjection: When someone usually makes a mistake, they will yell out this word.
Example number 1: "Dude, hold up for a minute, I've got to take a shit."
Example Number 2:
Me: Did you remeber to get the keys?
Donielle: Shit! No...
by Numbah 36 April 25, 2008
What you say when someone ends your killing spree in Halo 3.
Shit! I almost had an Untouchable!
by quartzlcc February 13, 2008
The word could mean multiple things, depending on how you use it.

Shit could be..poop
Something that stinks
Or it could be used to degrade or give someone a compliment.
Or shit could mean something.
You some shit nigga.:(
Son you the shit...:)
Son you smell like shit.
nigga dont talk about shit u dont know
by Shaquille August 30, 2007
Nickelback is shit.
by opa2299 December 24, 2011

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