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A she/him/it
a 's-h-it'

an uncategorized gender.

a hermaphrodite or he/she
that shit is daang ugly

wow I could be a bi if I tapped that shit

shit I want an icecream.
-Hey! dont call me names.
I wasn't...??

by Renapple March 17, 2007
the vocalization of something horrible or unplanned happening
as the man gets dumped his first thought is "shit!"
by steve dercy June 20, 2007
The most flexible swear word next to fuck. Can be used in a number of different ways (verb, noun, adverb, etc.). Also more acceptable to use in public and on TV than fuck, because it does not connect to sex in any way 99% of the sime. But is usually censored with it's less vulgar cousin crap, which can be used in almost every sense of shit...or it's even milder second-cousin "poop"

Also slang for feces. Any form of the word "shit" pertaining to feces is a literal form of the word. Examples of common context used found below. Check out South Park's "It Hits The Fan" for more details.
literal noun: I left shit in the toilet, so I gotta flush it.
non-literal noun: Sorry, I've got shit to do.

literal adjective: My underwear is shitty.
non-literal adjective: That movie was shitty, so don't see it.

literal expletive (sometimes): Bullshit!
non-literal expletive: Aw, shit!

literal verb: I just shitted (or shat) on myself.
non-literal verb (sometimes): Our team was shitted on in the playoffs.

There's also a piece of shit, chicken-shit, to know your shit, shit-for-brains, and the list goes on.
by PS, I'm Black April 20, 2008
Best used when you've gotten yourself into a real pickle.
Kid: Shit...
Kid2: What happened?
Kid: I didn't my homework
Kid2: ...Dumbfuck
by OMG LOLZ!!!!1111+shit!!!! March 20, 2005
Spit out sunflower seed shells.

Spiked Nades:

Sunflower seed shells can't be digested, so your shit is spiked with shells. Cuts open your ass causing massive pain for an amount of time to your asshole.
That shit i took was a spiked nade, it ripped my asshole apart!
by Procow March 25, 2010
a shit is brown and comes out of your bum.
i just shit my self.
by kyle hill August 21, 2006
Another way of saying those or them...a grouping of items or things.
Let me see them shits.

by PhillyPhill April 11, 2009