Reaction caused by waiting too long to take a shit. Usually results in an explosion.
Hurry up! I'm getting the shit shivers!
by Jods March 04, 2006
Top Definition
That tingly,goose-bumpy feeling you get when a particularly robust turd rounds "cape corn" in your colon and scrapes against your spine.
I was pinchin' a loaf this morning and a massive loggerhead turd gave me a case of the shit shivers
by wolfbait51 April 12, 2011
The shivering you get right before you unload a 10-pound dump into the toilet. This is followed by goosebumps, a flexed butthole, and a strange growling noise in your stomach telling you its time to unload.
Viktor: Dude, are you okay? You're shaking pretty badly.
Tim: Yeah, dude I'm fine I just got the shit shivers.
by TheBadBoi2009 November 05, 2009
The shiver you get after dropping a deuce of substantial girth that tests the laws of physics. Like cold shiver but much more satisfying. In fact, very similar to a piss shiver, enjoyed after satisfying a tremendous need to drain your lizard.
Man, I hate dropping a deuce so enormous that it feels like giving birth & leads to rectal spasms. Hey, but at least I got to enjoy the inevitable shit shiver.
by Lovell from UT September 02, 2010
when you have to take a hardcore shit and you get shivers
Frank: Hey Fred why was that guy cold its like 100 degrees
Fred: He wasn't cold he just had the shit shivers
by yupz August 30, 2009
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