one who is a complete tosser
normally liking the anus of a pig
come here and shit on me piggy
i am a cock :/
Top Definition
A grotesque slob of a female. Her ugliness is only surpassed by her annoyingness.
Oh god her come shit pig, I hope she didn't see us.
by Chuck September 19, 2003
One who, after smelling anothers fart, even if disgusted, takes a second and often third smell of the foul odour.
**Sniff** "Fuck Andrew, you stunk the room up!" **Sniff** "EWWWW!"" **Sniff**

"Jas you are a shit pig!"
by Andi Millard April 26, 2008
an idiot, a moron, someone you dont like very much.

a farm animal that is born with birth defects, from the pig family, known to be a stupid animal and very annoying.

that guy is a shitpig, fuck off shitpig,
my uncle has a retarded animal in that pigpen over there-he's my pet shitpig.
by Ronpaul October 07, 2006
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