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A shit in the closet person is someone who is really just a bad, shit and all round poor excuse for a human being who instead of accepting their shitness and making people aware of this they choose to instead hide it, hence the term 'shit in the closet'. Society today is full of shit in the closet people who need to be exposed, some are more crafty than others and are very good at hiding their shitness. when you have had a bad encounter with a shit in the closet person you will often be left with long lasting emotional, heartache and shame. Shame that you let yourself be fooled, tricked or manipulted.
' all italian guys are shit in the closet, they say they love you and that they need you, they bring you flowers but really they are just waiting untill you give them what they want, then you will not hear from them again'
by December 11, 2011

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