When someone shits in the toilet and most of the poop ends up under the seat on the back of the bowl as poop shrapnel.
Chris went to make mud in the bathroom at work, and noticed that someone had pulled the pin on a shit grenade.
by PETR FITZWELL May 11, 2009
Top Definition
a piece of shit that is flung across a room at high speed and hits a fan and explodes on everyone.
dude wtf that shit grenade almost hit me!!
by harrison kass November 28, 2007
a person who dont set all the way down on the commode lid and shit splatters everywhere and back on his ass for all to smell
man that drunk is a shitgrenade
by meanoandc November 02, 2006
to punch someone in there ass hole during sex
i gave her the worst shit grenade of her life
by Shit Grenade July 27, 2007
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