verb,: to shishkabob is to impale a male's genitalia with any sharp pointy object, such as the pointy end of an umbrella or a skewer.
"dude did you hear about Ron?"
"no why"
"Cuz he hit on some chick the other day and she totally shishkabobed him"
by DJ Baggy April 29, 2008
The act of inserting your penis into another man's ass, linking at least three men together to create a chain.
While playing Modern Warfare 2, I called in a tactical nuke, and shish kabobed the whole team.
by Blackie Brad Pitt March 26, 2010
A sexual procedure in which a person inserts their penis into a chick's badonkadonk and pushes it all the way through so that it comes out her mouth. It is possible to also then shishkabob another chick, and another, and another all at once.

Yes, this does actually work.
Yo, I shishkabob'd three chicks last night at once!
Awesome, my record is four at once.

Tonight I'm gonna shishkabob Tark and AG at the same time. It's gonna be awesome.

Hey man, I can shishkabob so many chicks I'm a 1-man-orgy.
by punani patrol April 08, 2005

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