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When you meet someone of the opposite sex who is incredible and you have such a fantastic time but only for a short period. You both go your separate ways wishing you could stay together longer. Normally when you meet someone away from home. You part with fond memories of each other.
Stu: I have to go now, but I loved spending that time with you, you are incredible.

Mary: Its sad, just consider us as ships that pass in the night.

Stu: Ok Bye.

Mary: Bye.
by chindelly April 16, 2010
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A one night stand, but mega hot sexual encounter with someone that has lasting memories you take to the grave...
Frankie: So who was she?
Stevie: Don't know.

Frankie: Don't know?!!! You said she ripped your heart out!
Stevie: Ah... Ships that pass in the night...
by sweet and innocent Stevie February 25, 2017
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