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Derogitory term for someone of low rank in the US Navy. Used when trying to get the attention of someone or to correcting a supposed mistake.
Give me your f**king liberty card shipmate!
by Plew June 03, 2005
the nautical term for asshole, meant to be demeaning.
What the fuck are you doing shipmate
by EmFA April 01, 2007
A term of "endearment" used by Navy personnel with each other, but used to annoy people who hate the Navy.
Hey shipmate, whatcha eating for chow?
by Nancylicious October 12, 2006
Term used to call a person or a group of people that share a fictional or real ship with you.
-Hey Mary, do you ship Olicity?
- of course I do!
- That's cool, Hannah. Now we are shipmates for life!
by fangurl88 March 11, 2016
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