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Term coined by students of Shippensburg University. Describes the state of drunkeness only acheivable at a Ship party. Comparable to shit-faced, but to a higher degree.
Usually includes, but not limited to; impairment of vision, impairment of motor skills, lack or loss of memory, impairment of rational thinking, distortion of physical features which may lead to regrettable hook-ups, inablility to form complete sentences, possible vomiting, though basically unable to function- individuals strangely have the ability to continue their partying to late hours of the night possibly into early morning but
Individuals who experience the state of being 'ship-faced' hold only a small chance of remembering partial events of that day/night.. but regardless.. they know they had a damn good time.
Damn, I was completely ship-faced last night.
by long live the party school March 03, 2009
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