getting completely wasted from drinking
yo kid you had the block lit up lastnight when you got out da bar. son you was shinin' fosho
by cryptic07 September 05, 2005
Top Definition
Wearing, an inordinately large amout of jewelry, esp. diamonds, grills, chains, bling, etc.
"My neck look like it's glowin, yellow diamonds make my neck looks shiny."-Young Ill

"Diamonds they gleamin', I'm icey, they cheesin', Hey! Bitch I'm shinin'!"-The Pack
by Nullpersona January 22, 2007
To show off, to stand out, or to belittle some one by making fun of what they are wearing or how their head or body is shaped.
Im shinin' on these hoes tonight. im always shinin' when i pull up to the scene. Look at Larry, he always shinin on brians Head cuz his dreads look like a Palm tree, "Ol palm tree Head Azz"- Lucky Larry from P-Cola
by Bernardo Mannie Barba October 20, 2007
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