another form of the word shit
well shight!
by Amy November 26, 2003
Top Definition
An Expletive

Old english version of new english word "shite" based on shit.

"shite"/"shight" should only be pronounced by people with country of origin located in the UK.
Oh shight I killed her.

I just stepped in 2 feet of shight

Oi! Shighthead
by Danyboy December 01, 2003
combintation of shit and "aight" witch is a combination for all right"
when your twisted drunk and someone demands you drink another beer you would answer by saying shight
by Andy November 30, 2003
the continuous wearing of a baseball cap on your head... making your hair the shape of a giant penis
omg dude put that shight away
by bjork November 29, 2003
spelled and pronounced as Shite, its a way to not actually say the expletive form, but indicate you were going to use it.
Shite! My hand just exploded.
by DIM November 28, 2003
A cleaner way to say the word shit.
Aw shight i ruined the table cloth.
I took a shight on the table cloth.
by KoVaH November 27, 2003
the wussies way of saying shit because they do not want to get in trouble form higher authorities (ex. parents, teachers)
shight this mark is bad!
by jon November 27, 2003
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