sexy, but with a H!! lmao. often used by girls talking about irish sport horses and irish men.
he's fucking SHEXY.

he's got a shexy smile.
by Starry/Lian September 12, 2004
Top Definition
Shexy: A combination of words used to describe someone that is overly attractive. Shexy meaning more than just sexy. Extremely sexy.

Shexy = Shit Hot Sexy
Did you see that girl? She was Shexy!

He's one Shexy man!
#shexy #sexy #hot #hawt #super sexy #fine #shexi #extremly sexy
by Cory12123 October 30, 2007
A really hot piece of ass.
Damn that skank is shexy.
by Mika February 22, 2004
Simultaneously sexually attractive and hairy or shaggy.
He's quite hairy but still quite sexy. He's shexy.
#sexy #shaggy #attractive #hairy #hot #manly
by lilarto August 19, 2008
A shexy and hawt way of saying "sexy" aka sexc or secksi.
"Simon Cowell is shexy and hawt"
by Lex May 25, 2005
It's a combination of the name "Shia" and the word "sexy"
Shia Lebeouf is super SHEXY!
#sexy #shexy #shia #shia lebeouf #hot
by maroonfiver April 25, 2007
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