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The act of recieving oral sex after having anal intercourse
damn jay got a shetty from laura R.
by TS September 18, 2003
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(in conjunction to Amith): proper noun: name
One's biggest nemesis; a true enemy.
He is worthy of being a shetty, Amith that is.
by coolest guy in the room February 05, 2008
joyous exclamation of comprehension, state of realisation or enlightenment enhanced by feelings of mild euphoria
‘Ahh...shetty! That’s how you split an atom’, or :
‘From thumbing for a lift outside the Nutbush City Limits, I managed to hitch a ride with the Crazy Frog, but after travelling for an eternity listening to nothing but shoe-gazing Norweigan black metal on repeat I realised I was none the wiser - I was still a good three miles from Shetty Town’.
by mattchoo71 May 13, 2007
Faecal matter. Or the act of defecating. Similar to Shetlands
Mate what are you up to?

Hold on, I'm just going to the shetty
alt. I'm on the shetty
alt. Just cleaning the shetty off my shoes, I chummed it really badly on the way home
by Fizifty Sizzent September 29, 2007

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